Performing Arts

The Performing Arts at McGehee School are integrated into our curriculum from Pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. Throughout Lower School and Middle School, music and drama are interwoven until they naturally blossom into separate, but integrated departments in Upper School with unique offerings.

In Lower School students are on stage early and often, performing musical numbers and making presentations whether it is the Pre-K/K Thanksgiving Feast, the third grade French fashion show or the fourth grade famous women in history presentation. Each grade level prepares and performs an annual music assembly that ties what they are learning in music class to their classroom studies. The fourth grade musical provides a culminating experience where students can display all of their achievements thus far. A wide variety of choirs at various grade levels provide additional opportunities for students to study choral concepts and provide performance opportunities throughout the community. The eighth grade musical is always a high point of the Middle School experience. Once in Upper School students have the choice of pursuing their musical and dramatic interests in depth through various offerings in the curriculum. The Upper School also produces an elaborate musical each year, providing many dramatic and musical opportunities for students.

Hand in hand, the drama and music departments bring these production to the stage. High quality of performance, commitment, passion, and creativity are the hallmarks of the McGehee performing arts.