Alumnae Centennial Gala RSVP

RSVPs as of March 22, 2012

Grace Gould Kayatta ’42 with
     Joan and Russell Cox
Jon Saussy Boulet ’47
Marilyn Goll Bruno ’47 and John Rusch
Toni de Bonneval Frederick ’47
Mary Foster Kock ’47
Ruth Chambers Lewis ’47
Marie Favrot McLellan ’47
Mary Landry Mithoff ’47 and Guest
Leila Flournoy Schumacher ’47 and Guest
Marjorie Stone Treleaven ’47
Anita Pelias Georges ’48 and Guest
Jane Leach King ’49 and Dick King
Berta Ray McArthur ’49 and William McArthur
Ann Gourley Caffrey ’51 and Grace Athas
Gary Gillis Baker ’52 and Guest
Caroline Benton Drumm ’52
Margie Manget Lyman ’52
Kate Leach Creed ’53
Constance Carriere Barkley ’55
     and Buckie Barkley
Pat Crane Mason ’55 and Lee Mason
Jean Klumpp Allen ’56 and Thomas Allen
Ainslie Dinwiddie Grannis ’56 and Wayland Dinwiddie
Harriet Hurley Nelson ’56
Betty Lynn Diboll Wright ’56 and George Wright
Mary Kay Bruns Capdeville Ascher ’57 and Guest
Carolyn Glebke McCall ’57
Marcelle d’Aquin Saussy ’57
Paulette de la Vergne Stewart ’57
     and Frank Stewart, Jr.
Nancy Jones Stoetzer ’57 and John Stoetzer
Lillian Braun Quantz ’57 
     and Dr. Newton G. Quantz, Jr.
Judy Walshe Whann ’57 and Robert Whann
Ruthie Jones Frierson ’58 and Lou Frierson
Stephanie Martin Musser ’58 and John Musser
Anne Pratt ’58
Mary Ann McLellan Stroker ’58
Karolyn Kuntz Westervelt ’58 and Guest
Susan Mayer Hardtner ’59
Elaine Durbin Abell ’60 and Edward Abell, Jr.
Virginia Hogan Brazil ’60 and J. G. Brazil
Ann Maylie Bruce ’60 and Robert Bruce
Carol Jones Carmody ’60 and Gordon Fowler
Ethel Bush Clay ’60
Chalon Fontaine ’60 and Pete Seale
Pierce Landy Jonassen ’60
     and Hans A.B. Jonassen
Diana Rowley Jones ’60 and Robert Jones
Betsy Shaw Nalty ’60 and Bessie Derby
Susan Hurth Price ’60 and Richard Price
Charlotte Barkerding Travieso ’60
Rosemonde Kuntz Capomazza ’61
     and Carlo Capomazza
Diane Manget ’61
Suzanne Crozat Bristow ’62 and Vincent Bristow
Jody Hardy Curran ’62 and Neil Curran
Vicki Elsas Darah ’62
Laura Lyell Farmer ’62 and Claude Farmer
Blanche Kirchhoff Gray ’62 and Mat Gray
Bonnie Bartlett Gray ’62
Betty Ann Gunther ’62 and Henry Grady Hughes III
Judith Ryan Myers ’62
Alice Monroe Nelson ’62
CheeChee Charbonnet O’Connor ’62
Jeanette Liebman Ramoni ’62
Sara McIlhenny Ringle ’62
Margie Binnings Roniger ’62 and Guest
Suzanne Maginnis Whann ’62 and Richard Whann
Carolyn Crusel Wogan ’62 and Guest
Ella Montgomery Flower ’63
Donna Diboll Flower ’63
Margaret Peiser Hart ’63 and Euclid Hart
Baboo Levert Kahle ’63
Reid Barkerding Noble ’63
Muffin Wilson Balart ’64 and Luis Balart
Anne McIlhenny Gardiner ’64 and Guest
Anne Perez Inabnett ’64 and Joe Inabnett
Vicky Derby Jordan ’64
Jacqueline Wolfe Carroll ’65
Helen Singreen Cooper ’65
Debby Flowers Edgerton ’65
Lynne Pottharst McMillan ’65 and Rick McMillan
Corinne Morrison ’65 and Guest
Lynne Parker ’65
Cindy Samuel ’65 and Guest
Kitty Claiborne Schmidt ’65 and Charles Schmidt
Carolyn Aiken Chesnutt ’66
Mary Lou McCloskey O’Keefe ’66
Gwin Groth Parlange ’66 and Walter Parlange
Ellen Carter Berry ’67
Minette Bickel Boesel ’67
Bonnie Baird Boyd ’67 and John Boyd
Martha Caffery Effler ’67 and Dean Effler
Jane Johnson ’67 and David Marcello
Jean Johnson ’67
Carolyn McLellan ’67
Helen Barkerding Kammer ’68
Bobbie Parker Marschall ’68
Mary Forest McEnery Broussard ’69
Madeleine Duvic ’69
Anne Kimble Eaton ’69 and Gregory Eaton
Susan Aiken Fonger ’69
Becker Rutledge Lorenzen ’69 and Guest
Ann Jones Milliner ’69 and Denis Milliner
Deborah Stern Robinson ’69 and Guest
Cindy Fromherz Bush ’70 and Guest
Kate Prechter King ’70
Christie Cappel Stubbs ’70
Carey Thomas ’70 and Guest
Leigh Schlosser Diaz ’71
Cindy Easterling ’71
Isabel Waters Sanders ’71 and Moye Sanders
Margot Kepper Berry ’72 and Currell Berry
Virginia Fossier Brooks ’72 and Guest
Jeanie Crane Cian ’72 and Louis Cian
Elinor Crews ’72
Sarah Montgomery Falgoust ’72 and Guest
Puff Logan Fried ’72
Anne Usry Johnston ’72
Lisa Leach ’72 and Wayne Goad
Margo Sanders Phelps ’72 and Esmond Phelps
Marion Jensen Ruth ’72
Bootsie Barkerding Smith ’72 and Ric Smith
Laurie Chatelain Smith ’72
Michele Coiron Swartz ’72 and Guest
Whitney Waters ’72
Charlotte Christman ’73
Ann Monteleone Burr ’74 and Guest
Isabel McCay Clark ’74
Margo Jackson DuBos ’74 and Clancy DuBos
Louise Poitevent Eckley ’74
Beth Barnes Gibney ’74
Laurie Ellis Doyle ’75 and Guest
Kit Baker Fritchie ’75 and Gus Fritchie
Lindsey Baker Rohm ’75
Gaye Tessier Wilson ’75
Debbie Bridges ’76
Kathleen McKee Garey ’76
Jill Praetorius Oubre ’76
Cathy Sims Sewell ’76
Kirk Eley Simoneaux ’76
Susan Erlanger Talbot ’76
Nell Emery Adams ’77
Greyson Haddad Brown ’77
Julie Waters Burlingame ’77 and Monty Burlingame
Merrimac Stephens Dillon ’77
Nina Dunbar ’77
Mary Meyers Howard ’77
Cynthia Cowart Kolls ’77
Liz Burke Landry ’77
Carolyn Wood Lorio ’77 and Gary Lorio
Eugenie Lyman ’77 and Guest
Cathy Vayda MacVaugh ’77
Louise Ross Masters ’77 and William Masters
Yvette Young Semmes ’77
Tynia Thomassie ’77
Terry Bremermann West ’77 and Glen West
Carey Feierabend ’78 and Guest
Adrienne Hammer Rynning ’78
Kristen Martty Dry ’79 and Gene Dry
Katherine Waters Gelderman ’79 and Tony Gelderman
Isabelle Schneidau Henderson ’79
Courtney Slatten Katzenstein ’79 and Michael Katzenstein
Leila Weaver Mitts ’80 and Guest
Julie Jones Smith ’80
Melissa Douglass Steiner ’80 and Jerry Steiner
Lee Levert ’81 and Eric Hardy
Ann Clayton Pizzo Chamberlain ’82 and Guest
Karen Burns Purvis ’82
Dana Smetherman ’82 and Charles Freeman
Carolyn Cowart Applebaum ’83
Eileen Roy Hoffmeister ’83 and Chad Hoffmeister
Grace Williams Kaynor ’83 and Guest
Lisa Roth ’83
Heidi Hayne Schrimsher ’83 and Barry Schrimsher
Pam Georges Dongieux ’84 and Duke Dongieux
Allison Lindsey Durant ’84 and Skye Durant
Elinor Hobson Rand ’84
Teena Anderson Trahan ’84 and Faye Anderson
Caroline Zetzmann Calhoun ’85 and Murray Calhoun
Frances McIntyre Knight ’85 and Will Knight
Dodie Carpenter Powers ’86 and Brad Powers
Charlotte Whann Adams ’87
Maria Favor Argote ’87 and Randy Argote
Carolyn Balmer ’87
Jeanne Hopkins Bendana ’87 and Richard Bendana
Karen Busenlener Blessey ’87 and Christian Blessey
Cathy Hassinger Drennan ’87 and Douglas Dreannan
Ann Ellinghausen Ecuyer ’87 and Michael Ecuyer
Molly Gahagan Heurtin ’87
Katherine Harang Hunter ’87
Chantal Coogan Lundberg ’87 and Craig Lundberg
Elise Lapeyre Merlin ’87 and Max Merlin
Diana Zoller Perkins ’87
Ashley Joseph Wallace ’87
Pierce Jonassen Young ’87 and Thomas Young
Helen Nalty Butcher ’88 and Kim Butcher
Suzanne Danos Gainey ’88 and John Gainey
Wendy Corona Joseph ’88 and David Joseph
Elizabeth Nalty Smither ’88 and Mike Smither
Mathilde Villere Currence ’89 and Richard Currence
Merriman Powell Mathewson ’89
Rowanne McIntyre McKnight ’89
Katherine Magnuson Ragsdale ’89
Jennifer David Richardson ’89
Katherine Wagner ’89
Caroline Monsted Brady ’90
Blake Howard Brown ’90
Susie Weston Davis ’90
Leslie McMillan Peters ’90
Dynelle Viosca Rinkes ’90
Gretchen Schneider Burghardt ’92 and Gary Burghardt
Anne Teaford Carson ’92
Marigny Ernst ’92
Ashley Danos Franks ’92 and Zeljko Franks
Carla Corona Brundige ’93
April Falcon-Villa ’93 and Bridget Falcon-Villa
Felice Viguerie Killian ’93
Kathleen Viguerie Banta ’95 and Benjamin Banta
Aimee Rhodes ’95
Sarah Babovich Offner ’96 and Guest
Sarah Pizzo ’96 and Adrian Maholchic
Meredith Feike Crane ’97 and William Crane
Meredith Brown Duke ’97 and Daniel Duke
Cassie Catalanotto ’98 and Guest
Shannon Cian ’98
Danielle Viguerie ’98
Katherine Goldstein ’99
Kaydee Doyle ’00
Lauren Bowling Huray ’00
Andrea Zuppardo Wingate ’00 and Brandon Wingate
Meredith Wilson Blanque ’01
Katie Cian ’01
Lenora Costa ’01
Alex Sedlander Facey ’01 and Matt Facey
Julie Kahle ’01
Lauren Sedlander ’01 and Ryan Haworth
Laime Bonecarrere White ’01
Ashleigh Bergeron ’02 and Andrew Tuozzolo
Laura Bland ’02
Taylor Schmidt Curry ’02 and Guest
Meredith Diamond ’02
Emily Drell Friedman ’02
Clare Harpham ’02 and Larry Hall
Jordan Samford Lambert ’02 and Peyton Lambert
Catherine Geoghegan McDermott ’02 and Bryan McDermott
Caroline Pratt ’02 and Reid Gilbert
Bonita Rodney Robertson ’02
Melanie Sheen ’02
Melissa Simon ’02
Meg Sullivan ’02
Meghan Person Walsh ’02 and Guest
Kristina Boudreaux ’03
Kolbi Johnson ’03
Emilie Montgomery ’03
Emily Borey Spillyards ’03
Krista Willhite ’03
Valerie Blackman ’04 and Guest
Megan Cian ’04 and Miles Garriott
Halley Hennington ’04 and Andrew Eagan
Sarah Lapeyre ’04 and Alex Landin
Lisa Long ’04
Cherie Murray ’04
Maura Person ’04
Caroline Wade ’04
Andy Kutcher ’05
Taylor Bank ’06
Mary Frances Gregorio ’06
Jessie Kutcher ’06
Melissa Lyman ’06 and Andrew Siegrist
Mathilde Semmes ’06
Jamie Simon ’06
Bess Young ’06
Kaitlyn Cole ’07
Katie DeBruhl ’07 and Ryan Crawford
Gretchen Fritchie ’07
Katie Kelly ’07
Taylor Miller ’07
Claire Samford ’07
Sarah Witt ’07
Allison Beard ’08
Blair Johnson ’11

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